86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
AUT Semester 2018

This elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail,
documentation and 1:1 model building skills by working on a real life project with Dresden
Optics, an innovative eyewear company, as the client.
The Dresden team has been using a custom designed trailer as a mobile optometry clinic
to provide access for free eye exams and prescription lenses for welfare recipients and
indigenous population in remote and disadvantaged areas of Australia. To extend their
outreach program, they are currently planning to set up mobile eye health clinics/kiosks in
Sydney schools with indigenous boarders. Dresden will be trialling their new school project at a high school in North Sydney for two weeks starting in mid February 2018.
Over the course of this semester the students will be working on the design and detailing of a new mobile compact kiosk and eye clinic as well as the prototyping of some of its furniture elements in the UTS studio and fabrication workshop. Students will be required to explore details through drawing and 1:1 scale model building with input from the Dresden Team. Ideally students will have been inducted to the UTS fabrication workshop before the elective commences.

Times: Mondays 9am-12pm
Lecturer : Monika Proepper

Please contact Monika Proepper for all enquiries: Monika.Proepper@uts.edu.au