86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
SPR ISD Elective 2017

86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail

SPR Semester 2017

Times: Mo 9-12pm

Subject description:

This elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail and documentation skills by working on a real life project with the Newtown Asylum Seekers Centre as a client.

The Centre is looking for a fit-out of a covered external space as an extension of their new garden facilities. This space should be able to accommodate a variety of uses, including counselling sessions, writing classes, storage for garden equipment etc., as well as creating a safe and calm place for people in distress.

The brief will include the design and detailing of external furniture including integrated seating and storage elements, supporting the flexible use of this space. Students will also be asked to be actively involved in the brief development by helping out in the Centre at the beginning of the elective. Students will be working in groups on detailed design concepts leading to the development of joinery elements, some of which are going to be built as 1:1 scale prototypes in the UTS workshops. Detail drawings will be created to communicate the assembly of these elements to builders and fabricators in a contract documentation context.

Classroom lectures cover topics such as the creation of working drawings, scheduling of materials and finishes, and information about fabrication methods.


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