86023 Light, New Materials and Space
ISD Elective Spring 2017

Elective Subject 86023 Light, New Materials and Space

Light, materials, form and space are the primary elements that create and define human environments. Through the manipulation and enhancement of these elements, the human experience can be shifted, elevated, orientated and guided.

In this subject students explore the effects that spatial and elemental forms, lighting, colour and materials can have on the experience and interpretation of space. In addition to undertaking projects investigating lighting interior spaces and the manipulation of daylight students have an opportunity to make and install work in public places. In the past we have contributed to the Vivid and Beams Festivals and this semester we will be making lighting installations for the Sydney Fringe Festival and lighting a live music concert.

The subject runs on Monday mornings 9 – 1 and is taught by Jo Elliott who also teaches lighting in UTS Architecture.

Jo has a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts (Technical Production) from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and a Master of Design Science (Illumination Design) from the University of Sydney. Jo has been employed as a lighting designer on a variety of architectural and theatrical projects, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at Sydney 2000 Olympics and productions at the Sydney Opera House.

Jo’s current PhD research investigates the perceptual effects of traditional theatrical lighting techniques applied to architectural spaces.


lighting scale models 1


beams installation


vivid set up