88620 Intensive CAD
INTARCH Elective Summer 2018
Fundamental principles of Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Matt Clarke
86023 Light, New Materials and Space
ISD Elective Spring 2017
In this subject students explore the effects that spatial and elemental forms, lighting, colour and materials can have on the experience and interpretation of space.
86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
SPR ISD Elective 2017
This elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail and documentation skills by working on a real life project with the Newtown Asylum Seekers Centre as a client.

Studio Leader _ Monika Proepper : monika.proepper@uts.edu.au
Global Studio Elective : Indonesia (Flores & Komodo) : 88622 July 2017
Campbell Drake
Dates : July 6-15
Location : Laboun Bajo, Flores & Komodo, Indonesia
A study of sustainable tourism
86190 : What is missing in the Mall?
AUT Semester 2017 : Special Industry Project
An elective introducing students to the wider conceptual framework of exhibition/event/spatial design as intervention and prompt for social activation within the niched typology of the Retail Shopping Centre.
86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
AUT Semester 2017 - Monika Proepper
An elective focused on the integration of construction methods, materials, finishes and services..
Elective Spring 2017 : 86023 Light, Materials, Form
Mike Day
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86023 Light, Materials, Form
Mike Day
Global Studio Elective : Berlin : 88621 July 2017
Thea Brejzek & Christof Mayer of raumlaborberlin
led by Thea Brejzek (UTS) and Christof Meyer (raumlaborberlin)
Week 1: Bauhaus Dessau
Week 2: Berlin
in collaboration with Bauhaus Open Studio Dessau, University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) and raumlaborberlin
This years global studio focuses on commons. The question deals with the relevance of the new commons. It is significant that sharing has become a term from the economic realm and the meaning of sharing has radically changed. We want to look if there are spheres beyond the market, which allow to shape our living environments. In doing so we focus on urban and spatial modells and scan basic conditions for commons and commoning.
Elective FEB 2017 : 88323 Rhino Intensive
Nikola Kovac
Elective Spring 2017 : 88424 Exhibition Design: Concepts and Strategies:
In this subject, student will design, plan and build prototypes for the 2017 ISD Exhibition in November 2017.
Elective Spring 2017 : 86190 Special Industry Project : Construction and Detailing
Monika Proepper
Elective FEB 2017 : 88620 CAD Intensive
taught by Matt Clarke
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86190 Special Industry Project
Sponsored by Westfield Scentregroup,
Topic: What is missing in the Mall, with presentations to Westfield Board, internship and prizes awarded this subject will be shared with Architecture.
Elective Autumn 2017 : 88323 Furniture Design : Design and Build subject .
Exhibition Design: Process-based Project. Robert Barnstone
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
Monika Proepper
Elective: 86023
Light, Materials, and Form
Tutor: Tim Shotbolt
Spring 2016
Elective 88424 – Exhibition Design Practice
Construction and Detailing II
Tutor: Monika Proepper
Spring 2016
M: 9-12
Elective 86190: Contemporary Furniture Design II
IS 86190 2 Special industry project
Tutor: Robert Barnstone
Spring 2016
M: 9:00-12:00
Elective 86044 : Independent Study – Rhino Intensive
Tutor: Nikola Kovac
Elective – 88619 : Advanced Analogue Model Making
Tutor: Celeste Raanoja
Elective – 88620: CAD Intensive
Tutor: Matt Clarke
88617 Design Study Tour: Radical Hospitality (Bauhaus Open Studio)
Dates 20.6.-24.6. Dessau, 27.6.-1.7. Berlin
Studio Leaders : Prof Thea Brejzek and Christof Mayer (raumlabor)
Autumn Elective: 86023 – Light, Materials, and Form
Lecturer : Mike Day
Semester 1, 2016
Autumn Elective – 88323: The (Contemporary) Furniture Prototype Studio
Tutor : Rob Barnstone
Semester 1, 2016
Autumn Elective -86023: Light, New Materials and Form
Autumn Elective: 86190 – Construction and Detail I
Tutor : Monika Proepper
Semester 1, 2016
Autumn Elective: 88525 – Exhibition Design
Conversations through the Asian collection
Tutor : Belqis Youssofzay
Semester 1, 2016
ISD Summer Elective – 88620 Advanced CAD
ISD Summer Elective – 86044 : Detail and Construction II
ISD Summer Elective – 88323 Exhibition Design: Practice
Visualising Movement Lab in the UTS Data Arena
88005 Textiles Installation
Colour Textile Elective
The textiles elective specialising in print, pattern and colour will be running again next semester on Mondays from 9-12 or 1-4pm and is called 88005 Textiles Installation.
88620 Advanced CAD
Enrolment open for July Break
Communicating ideas and documenting design intentions through computer assisted drawing is an essential skill for designers of any contemporary practice.
Detail and Construction Elective 86190
Led by Monika Proepper will run again as SPR 86190
The aim of this subject is to introduce students to the integration of construction methods, materials, finishes and services into simple new building structures and existing building fabrics.
Anti-Context Elective
Open to 2nd + 3rd year ISD Students led by Sarah Breen Lovett
Focusing on Interior, Spatial and Architectural strategies this elective tests what happens when we consciously make something that sits in contrast to its context, and deliberately tries to deviate as far from the existing context as possible.