LED Forum_15th-16th August2019
São Paulo, Brazil

LEDforum 2019,

The LEDforum brings together an audience of lighting designers, architects, product designers, city planners, landscape designers, academics, developers and lighting solution providers from various regions of Brazil and Latin America.

LEDforum reaches its 10th edition, which promises to be even more special, celebrating the solid trajectory built in the last decade.

Once upon a time in Lighting Design

Let’s take an esoteric look at the history of light and enlightenment and take a thought-provoking, enlightening and inspiring journey into how light, lighting technologies and enlightenment have evolved over time in the hands of humanity. Lighting design is a profession at a young age, while light is as old as the universe. She has always been in the spotlight on humanity. In the hands of those who developed numerous tools and methods forming civilizations, light was also a powerful and spiritual medium. Then the light broke into technologies and techniques, paving the way to the present day. All this, many years before the lighting designers existed. In the talk, we will show how the simplest tools in light manipulation came about and how you can increase understanding of light and its use going forward. We will also witness the advances of enlightenment to this day through time and see how it has evolved in the most unexpected ways. Let us delve deeper into the technical complexities of how some of the simplest lighting fixtures have solved incredible challenges of their time and helped shed light on the future. And most importantly, let’s appreciate what the future looks into in our universe. The past in the present, looking to the future.

About Emrah Baki Ulas (UTS Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer)

Lighting designer, lighting educator and light artist Emrah Baki Ulas is an associate at the Australian office Steensen Varming, where he is responsible for the lighting designers team. It is widely known for both lighting design practice and lighting design theory. His project work has a strong emphasis on culture and the arts in various parts of the world. Ulas also exhibits light installations at festivals such as Vivid Sydney and teaches lighting at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. In addition to advocating the advancement of education and research in lighting, he promotes a strong integration between theory and philosophy in his projects. Among the many recognitions and awards Ulas has received are the Young Lighter of the Year Award in 2008 and the PLD-R Best Newcomer Award in 2011. In 2008, he was listed as one of 30 lighting designers under 30 – “30 under 30 ”- by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers of England (CIBSE). In 2010, he was recognized as one of the top 25 youngest lighting design professionals and awarded by the AL Journal. In 2016, it was listed among the 40 under 40 lighting designers – “40 under 40” – by the UK Lighting Design Awards.