86005 Design Studio: Inhabitations
1st Year Design Studio Spring 2017
86223 Heterotopia Circus
86223 Fashion Art Cultural Centre (FACC)
86223 Heterotopia Bathhouse
86223 ResortLand
86223 House Parliament
Mind the Gap
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Campbell Drake & William Kelly
Urban Regeneration
Barooga Karrai
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Kate Ferguson and Mariah Drakoulis
Community Enterprises
Junee Correctional Centre
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Kevin Bradley & Alena Minaeva
Culture Kitchen
Seeking Refuge
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Matt Clarke and Gabrielle Veringa
Homeless Shelter
Lightning Ridge Studio
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Vesna Trobec and Stephanie Gotis-Graham
Regional Gallery
Eora Gallery II
86530 SPR 2017 Spatial Agency
Michael Ford & Michelle Vassiliou
Art Gallery, Redfern
86023 Light, New Materials and Space
ISD Elective Spring 2017
In this subject students explore the effects that spatial and elemental forms, lighting, colour and materials can have on the experience and interpretation of space.
86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
SPR ISD Elective 2017
This elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail and documentation skills by working on a real life project with the Newtown Asylum Seekers Centre as a client.

Studio Leader _ Monika Proepper : monika.proepper@uts.edu.au
Interior & Spatial Design
End of session studio pin up
6-8pm _ Level 7 studios 1-15

23rd of June 2017
DesignBUILD expo : Inter(active) Design Sketch
Inter(active) Design Sketch was an Interior and Spatial Design (ISD) industry engagement project at this year’s DesignBUILD expo, held at the International Convention Centre Sydney from the 3rd to the 5th of May, 2017.

ISD Lecturers Interviewed on FBI Radio
Amaia Sanchez & Gonzalo and Jorge Valiente discuss The Long Paddock exhibition at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Listen to the Pod Cast :

The Long Paddock
An exhibition at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery featuring work by GRANDEZA: ISD Lecturers Gonzalo & Jorge Valiente and Amaia Sanchez-Velasco from Architecture _ May 6 - July 16
The New Landscapes Institute is collaborating with artists and architects on a long-term project exploring the Travelling Stock Routes. The first public exhibition will take place at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from May 6 - July 16, 2017. The exhibition explores the history and the future of the Travelling Stock Routes network. This vast system of shared regional trails has inspired contemporary artists from across the country to respond with video, sculptural and sound-based installations.
Global Studio Elective : Indonesia (Flores & Komodo) : 88622 July 2017
Campbell Drake
Dates : July 6-15
Location : Laboun Bajo, Flores & Komodo, Indonesia
A study of sustainable tourism
86529 : Hedda Gabler
"My intention in giving it this name was to indicate that Hedda as a personality is to be regarded rather as her father's daughter than her husband's wife". Henrik Ibsen 1891

Studio Leader : Jorge Valiente
86529 : A Dolls House
“Ive got to do it by myself, and that’s why I’m leaving you” Henrik Ibsen 1879

Studio Leader : Campbell Drake
86529 : Woyzeck
“The world is chaos, nothingness its true Messiah.” Georg Büchner, 1837

Studio Leader : Esteban Insausti
86529 : Miss Julie
“Life is not so idiotically mathematical that only the big eat the small; it is just as common for a bee to kill a lion or at least to drive it mad.” August Strindberg

Studio Leader : Vesna Trobec
86529 : The Master Builder
The ethics of form and space
Studio Leader : Robert Barnstone
86529 : The Wild Duck
“Yes, for it’s my Wild Duck.” Henrik Ibsen, 1884

Studio Leader : Christina Deluchi
86533 Rethinking the Frame
86533 Playbox Theatre
86533 Bare Island Theatre
86533 Anatomical Theatre
86533 The Acting Machine
86529 : Performative Spaces
2nd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017
translating dramatic action into a contemporary setting for audience viewing and interaction.
86004: Foundations in Interior and Spatial Design
1st Year Design Studio Autumn 2017
exploring the urban interior of Sydney through design interventions into its 'non-places'.
86533: Industry. Theatre as Machine
3rd Year Design Studio Autumn 2017
Mediating the real world of the city, and the imaginary world of the staged narrative.
86190 : What is missing in the Mall?
AUT Semester 2017 : Special Industry Project
An elective introducing students to the wider conceptual framework of exhibition/event/spatial design as intervention and prompt for social activation within the niched typology of the Retail Shopping Centre.
An exhibition at Verge Gallery featuring work by ISD Lecturer Tom Cole _ February 2-25
Corporeal : the presence and absence presents a selection of tangible works with intangible qualities. Showcasing mediums spanning from installation and documentation to video, photographic, and sound, this exhibition aims to unfold the seen and unseen areas of matter.
86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
AUT Semester 2017 - Monika Proepper
An elective focused on the integration of construction methods, materials, finishes and services..
Thank you to the official sponsors of our 2016 ISD Graduate Exhibition
CULT Furniture Raffle
Elective Spring 2017 : 86023 Light, Materials, Form
Mike Day
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86023 Light, Materials, Form
Mike Day
Global Studio Elective : Berlin : 88621 July 2017
Thea Brejzek & Christof Mayer of raumlaborberlin
led by Thea Brejzek (UTS) and Christof Meyer (raumlaborberlin)
Week 1: Bauhaus Dessau
Week 2: Berlin
in collaboration with Bauhaus Open Studio Dessau, University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) and raumlaborberlin
This years global studio focuses on commons. The question deals with the relevance of the new commons. It is significant that sharing has become a term from the economic realm and the meaning of sharing has radically changed. We want to look if there are spheres beyond the market, which allow to shape our living environments. In doing so we focus on urban and spatial modells and scan basic conditions for commons and commoning.
Elective FEB 2017 : 88323 Rhino Intensive
Nikola Kovac
Elective Spring 2017 : 88424 Exhibition Design: Concepts and Strategies:
In this subject, student will design, plan and build prototypes for the 2017 ISD Exhibition in November 2017.
Elective Spring 2017 : 86190 Special Industry Project : Construction and Detailing
Monika Proepper
Elective FEB 2017 : 88620 CAD Intensive
taught by Matt Clarke
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86190 Special Industry Project
Sponsored by Westfield Scentregroup,
Topic: What is missing in the Mall, with presentations to Westfield Board, internship and prizes awarded this subject will be shared with Architecture.
Elective Autumn 2017 : 88323 Furniture Design : Design and Build subject .
Exhibition Design: Process-based Project. Robert Barnstone
Elective Autumn 2017 : 86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
Monika Proepper
Transdisciplinary Spatial Theory Symposium : 01 Multimodality and the Model
Professor Thea Brejzek to present ‘Raumbild’ and the ‘Theatre of Memory’: On the Performative Potential of the Model
Exploring the performance of the self-referential model through two case studies that are set into relation to each other as conceptual and/or physical constructions of memory spaces.
ISD Honours Student William Kelly selected for ACICIS Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum 2017
Piloting in 2017, ACICIS’ Creative Arts and Design Practicum Program (CADPP) will expose Australian students to the vibrancy of contemporary Indonesian arts and cultural production, combining academic elements with hands-on practical creative production experience.
ISD lecturers Gonzalo and Jorge Valiante invited to take part in OCCUPIED exhibition, at RMIT Design Hub, in Melbourne.
Jorge Valiente was invited, together with one of his partners in Grandeza Studio (Amaia Sanchez) to participate in the conversation "Free Market Hangover: A lunch about what's next in the urban dispute"

Gonzalo Valiente was invited to participate in the conversation “Gentrification culture: A lunch against cappuccinos and cupcakes in cities”.
ISD Students Featured in Lake News, Cargelligo NSW
21 Sep 2016

Embassy; the Performance of Diplomacy
Date: 16th of November
Venue: Central Park
Opening time: 6pm
ISD Honours Exhibition
Fracking Futures
Date: Wednesday 23rd of November – opening 6pm
Venue: Thinkingworks - 120 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011,
Name: Fracking Futures
Opening time: 6-10.30pm
Design Studio Pin Up
1st and 2nd Year
UTS Interior Spatial Design
Spatial Agency (2nd Year)
Foundations in Spatial Design(1st Year)
4th of Nov, 2016 6:30pm-8:30pm
University of Technology, SydneyPeter Johnson Building (CB06) 
Level 7, 702-730 Harris Street Ultimo, NSW 2007
ISD Seeks Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer
The UTS School of Design is recruiting an Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer to deliver world class teaching and learning in Interior and Spatial Design, while delivering impact-driven research with practical outcomes that benefits industry and the broader community.
Thea Brejzek to give Keynote Lecture
“Cosmopoiesis, or: Making Worlds through the Model”
The Art of Scenography, Ludwig-Maximilans-University, Munich.17.11.2016
Migratory Wonderings Exhibition
107 Projects, Redfern
107 Redfern Street; Redfern, NSW, 2016.
Opening Twilight Event : 6pm Friday 11th of November
Featuring work by ISD Lecturers Tom Cole and Campbell Drake
Space for action and response
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Robert Barnstone & Gemma Chapman
Lake Cargelligo Theatre and Community Center.
Interstitial time and space
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Matt Clarke & Gabrielle Veringa
John Morony Correctional Complex Visits Centre

Eora Gallery
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency :
Michael Ford & Vina Purwantoro
Redfern Gallery
86223 Symbiotic Democracy
86223 Spectacle, Refuge
86223 Transit State
86223 Interstitial Consulate
Ground, Envelope, Body : Justice in transition
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency
Nikki Butlin & Melanie Schonfeld
Community Restorative Centre
Agents of Space
SPR 2016 86530 : Performative Spaces 1 : Spatial Agency :
Campbell Drake / William Kelly
Murrin Bridge / Culpra Station
Elective: 86023
Light, Materials, and Form
Tutor: Tim Shotbolt
Spring 2016
Scales Of Production
Lecturer Tom Cole exhibits at Vivid
Walsh Bay, Sydney
27th May - 18th June
18:00 - 23:00
Elective 88424 – Exhibition Design Practice
Construction and Detailing II
Tutor: Monika Proepper
Spring 2016
M: 9-12
Elective 86190: Contemporary Furniture Design II
IS 86190 2 Special industry project
Tutor: Robert Barnstone
Spring 2016
M: 9:00-12:00
Masters by Research and PhD program Critical Spatial Thinking
Design and Performative Practice
The School of Design within the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at UTS welcomes applications in the area of Practice-informed Research (PiR) and announces a new Masters by Research and PhD program.
Design Studio Pin Up
1st - 3rd Year
Level 7, 702-730 Harris Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007
24th of June, 2016

Elective 86044 : Independent Study – Rhino Intensive
Tutor: Nikola Kovac
Elective – 88619 : Advanced Analogue Model Making
Tutor: Celeste Raanoja
Elective – 88620: CAD Intensive
Tutor: Matt Clarke
Discomfort & Dissonance: A conversation on Ethics, Capital and Contradiction
Future Method Studio May 20th, 2016
The Science Building
The University Hall
Blowing Concrete Bubbles
Zanny Begg May 27th, 2016
The Science Building
The University Hall
Interior Design and Global Conflicts
Leandro Cappetto from Grupo Toma May 13th
The Science Building
The University Hall
Congratulations to 2015 ISD Honours graduate Kate Campbell _ Recipient of the University Medal 2015
Congratulations to Kate Campbell who received first class honours and is the Recipient of the 2015 University Medal.

Landscape Furniture: Props for Urbanism
Tomek Archer May 6th, 2016
The Science Building
The University Hall
Adventure in Design
Foolscap April 22nd, 2016
The Science Building
The University Hall
Stamp Fold: Radical Architecture of Little Magazines
Urtzi Grau April 15th, 2016
The Science Building
The University Hall
Sadness at Leaving and Fears of Return
Todd McMillan April 8, 2016
University of Technology Sydney, City Campus,
Congratulations to Hannah Clifton and Gemma Chapman _ Winners of the 2015 Interior Design GOTYA Awards (ACT/NSW)
Hannah won the Interior Design award and Gemma was runner up.

Hannah was also awarded the Innovation award across all disciplines. Quite an achievement!

Both Hannah and Gemma will now go into the national awards.
Reality versus Render
Sibling April 1, 2016
University of Technology Sydney, City Campus,
Sculpture at the Vineyards
Robert Barnstone from Interior and Spatial Design a finalist in the 2016 Montalto Sculpture Prize.
Architecture and Sociology: Urban Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Program
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Robert Barnstone
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Thomas Cole
Museum for a Dead Book
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Esteban Insausti
Designing with Dementia: Constructing (non linear) narratives from muddled memories.
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Campbell Drake
Partytopia: Sydney Administration for Nightlife Deviations
86112: Heterotopia
Tutor: Jorge Valiente
The Exchange: Commodification and Edification
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Matthew Teismann
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Yvette Dunn

“Labour is ... not the only source of material wealth, ie. of the use-values it produces. Labour is the father of material wealth, the earth is its mother… The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, presents itself as an immense accumulation of commodities, its unit being a single commodity.” -Karl Marx
The Symbiosis
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Monika Proepper
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Ben Feher

"Space as directly lived through its associated images and symbols and hence the space of inhabitants and users’. ‘It overlays physical space, making symbolic use of its objects." Henri Lefebvre
Micro Apartments & Community Living
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Michael Day
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Mahroo Moosavi

"One of the central issues concerning contemporary inhabitation is urban sprawl. We need an ecological rethinking of our cities: to consume less energy by reducing home-work distances; and a re-densification of existing built areas. "
Future Scape- Prototype for Perception
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Nikki Butlin
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Matthew Clarke

‘Architecture exists, like cinema, in the dimension of time and movement. One conceives and reads a building in terms of sequences. To erect a building is to predict and seek effects of contrast and linkage through which one passes...’ Jean Nouvel
The Itinerants: Those Who Travel
86529: Inhabitations
Design Studio Leader: Celeste Raanoja
Spatial Analysis Tutor: Gabrielle Veringa

"These small start up companies have been labeled as ‘disrupters’ tapping into markets that are dominated by large business’s with traditional working styles."
88617 Design Study Tour: Radical Hospitality (Bauhaus Open Studio)
Dates 20.6.-24.6. Dessau, 27.6.-1.7. Berlin
Studio Leaders : Prof Thea Brejzek and Christof Mayer (raumlabor)
Global Studio: Hong Kong : 88617 : SMR Design Study Tour
Domesticated Radicalization, Hong Kong as a landscape of excessive density, and Emergence of the Square Foot Society.
Tutor: Thomas Cole
November 2016
Global Studio: Mexico : 88621 : SMR Global Studio A
Tutor: Gonzalo Valiente
Dates: December 2016