Summer Elective (DEC)_Experimental Spatial Representation
Studio Leader: Luke Tipene
Julie Mehretu, Excerpt (citadel). 2003.
2nd Annual Design Research Conference: Real/Material/Ethereal
3 & 4 October 2019 at Monash University Melbourne.
Interior Architecture Lecturers Dr Emrah Baki Ulas and Dr Campbell Drake selected to present paper titled 'Solar Lighting Namoi and Gingie Reserves: Exploring socio-technical relations through outdoor lighting'
Impact! From Bauhaus to IKEA
International Conference 30th Sept - 2nd Oct 2019
Impact! From Bauhaus to IKEA examines historical and contemporary design theories, philosophies and practices of making into the future.
Presented by the School of Design, University of Technology
Sydney, IKEAxUTS Future Living Lab and the Goethe lnstitut

Program and registration: www.lkeaxuts.org
tranSTURM @The Rocks : 5th – 8th September 2019
Installation work : LIGHT _ redux
tranSTURM will occupy Bay 43 Circular Quay West with their new installation work LICHT _redux.
Sydney Fringe Festival
Shining Light on the Bauhaus 11th - 15th Sept 2019
UTS Lighting Design students create an immersive light-art installation, celebrating the revolutionary design and performance work of the Bauhaus founded 100 years ago.
86005_SPR 2019_Inhabitations
1st year Design Studio
In this studio, students learn core skills and knowledge in the areas of site analysis, client engagement, domestic typologies, space planning and joinery. Students incorporate these skills with the research techniques and design methods from their previous studio into cohesive design projects.
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
Historically the museum has functioned as a shared space of scientific research, public display and preservation. In today’s digital age, the museum has undergone rapid transformation.
Where once static permanent artefacts were seen as centre pieces of museum collections, this mode of exhibition and display has been superseded by interactive media and temporary exhibits.

Studio Leaders : Greta Hauer and Dr.Campbell Drake
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
As fine art becomes an increasingly traded and speculated commodity worldwide, the Art Market has grown as a recognised cultural institution. Artists, curators, gallerists, traders, speculators and spectators gather for ephemeral mega-events featuring huge numbers of works, artefacts and performances contained within vast halls or sprawled across multiple sites.
The Art Market is at once gallery, trade fair, crowded auction house, and act of performance in and of itself.

Studio Leaders : Belqis Youssofzay and David Hart
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
This studio will explore a metaphorical interpretation of a hegemonic model as a factory, not as a traditional building that manufactures commoditised products, however as a process that supports to production of a culture.

Studio Leaders : Felix Saw and Andrew Fong
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
“First there are the utopias. Utopias are sites with no real place. They are sites that have a general relation of direct or inverted analogy with the real space of Society. They present society itself in a perfected form, or else society turned upside down, but in any case, these utopias are fundamentally unreal spaces.” - M. Focault, 1966. Of Other Spaces

Studio Leader : Eduard Fernàndez
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
The quintessential urban interior - this is a space where the absurd resides.

Studio Leader : Brooke Jackson
SPR_2019_86223_ Major Project
‘Once we are inside the shopping centre, the completeness of the designed realm erases all reference to other places, old or new.’

Studio Leader : Christina Deluchi
2nd Global Conference Urbanism at Borders. Borders within Border; Fragmentation, Disposition, Connections
Malaga_Spain_October 2019.
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Dr Campbell Drake selected to present paper titled Fragmented Territories: Extraterritorial Indonesian governance and the impact of tourism development in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.
LED Forum_15th-16th August2019
São Paulo, Brazil
LEDForum is known nationally and internationally for offering lecture content and high level technical and knowledge activities conducted by leading names in the world of Brazilian and international lighting, as well as presenting itself as an opportunity for lighting equipment launches, generation of new business and intense networking. UTS Senior Lecturer Emrah Baki Ulas is a keynote speaker at the prestige event.
86871_Photography of Interior Architecture
Spring 2019 Elective
This elective subject introduces photography’s role in the practice of interior architecture.
Distance Looks Back SAHANZ Conference
Luke Tipene representing UTS at this years conference with the paper: "Representing Colonial Estrangement - Depictions of Unreal Architecture in the Painting a Direct North General View of Sydney Cove 1794"
This essay examines depictions of unreal architecture in the painting A Direct North General View of Sydney Cove 1794 (1793-5) (Sydney Cove 1794) contestably authored by the convict artist Thomas Watling. By comparing the painting to three of Watling’s topographic drawings, this essay demonstrates the repeated use of familiar architectural objects across these works and suggests the painting fragments an accurate representation of place—by assembling discontinuous visual information—to fulfil picturesque aesthetic principles.
88424_Rhino 2
July 2019 Elective
Rhino 2 is a course intended for those looking to advance their grasp of Rhinoceros 3D in a professional context. As the course won’t spend a long time on the basics of the software, it is suitable for students that are fairly comfortable with 3D modelling and 2D drafting in Rhino, as well as students who have attempted rendering in the past.
88626_Advanced CAD Intensive 2
1st-12th July Elective
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that is now commonplace in architectural practice, whilst Computational Design/ Visual Programming/ Algorithmic Modelling is fast becoming an integral part of the work flow of many innovative designers. This elective covers the fundamental principles of BIM using ARCHICAD through the digital recreation of classic works of architecture and provides a foundation to computational design thinking using GRASSHOPPER.
Tunnel Vision Exhibition
Celebrating the international day of light: Open 16-19 May 2019
Please join the UTS Interior Architecture Honours students, in the celebration of the international day of light with a curated exhibition.

Date: 16th - 19th May 2019
Time: 2pm - 8pm
Location : The Coal Loader
2 Balls Head Dr, Waverton 2060

Showcasing insights and models of the future bedroom, students from the ikea x UTS future living lab will come together to talk through their designs and research.

UTS team wins highest honour at Milan XXII Design and Architecture Triennale
The Australian Pavilion
The Australian Pavilion, curated by a team of UTS architecture and design academics has won the inaugural Golden Bee Award at one of the most significant international events for design and architecture.
‘The Model As Performance’ book by Professor Thea Brejzek + Professor Lawrence Wallen
shortlisted for Best Performance Design & Scenography Publication Award at the Prague Quadrennial (PQ)
Thea Brejzek and Lawrence Wallen’s book, The Model as Performance, Bloomsbury 2018, has been shortlisted for the Best Performance Design & Scenography Publication Award at the Prague Quadrennial (PQ).
Sirius Building Watch Day Event_March 2019
1st Year Interior Architecture exhibition
In 2018 Sirius was listed as a Watch Site by the World Monuments Fund, a New York based non-profit organisation that aims is to raise awareness and preserve important heritage sites throughout the world.
First-year students of Interior Architecture were invited to exhibit their work a the Abraham Mott Hall in the Rocks as a part of the Sirius Building Watch Day events.
86004: Foundations in Interior Architecture
1st Year Design Studio Autumn 2019
In this studio, students will be introduced to core principles, theories and methods of Interior Architecture (IA) at UTS. Learning to design through inquiry, students will be asked to break down their preconceptions of space and the interior through a detailed examination of the space in which they live.
Negative Market(s)
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Transaction and exchange are inherent to human life. We exchange goods, fluids, favours, substances, cultural parameters, stock options, words, styles, organs and data among an infinite of material and immaterial things. Today, the exchange is the mandate that regulates all aspects of life in late capitalist societies and cities like Sydney. There are very few spaces, public or private that remain exempt from complying with a transactional and competitive agenda.

Studio Leaders : Gonzalo Valiente + Kimberley Angangan
Miss Julie
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
This studio will use August Strindberg’s play, Miss Julie as a text and The Mint, Sydney as a site to explore themes of class, gender, sex and power. Despite the world changing dramatically since the play was written, inequality based on class and gender still stubbornly persists.

Studio Leaders : Kate Campbell + Jessica Freeman
Site : The Mint, Sydney
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
In this studio, students will read and research Sophocles’ ANTIGONE and visit and document the site formerly known as THE WORLD BAR in King’s Cross.

Studio Leader : Charles Davis
Miss Julie
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
August Strinberg’s Miss Julie depicts a brief affair between a Lord’s daughter and a male servant. It may have been written as a cautionary tale warning of the perils of sexual equality, but to a modern audience the play takes on new meanings.

Studio Leader : Russell Rodrigo
86529_AUT19 : Performative Spaces
Your contemporary interpretation of Medea will be set in a historic city pub with rooms to rent for accommodation above. A deeply internal environment, the spaces evoke memories, smells, tastes, love, fear, regret, textures, and Sydney's history.

Studio Leader : Vesna Trobec
Un-Learning University
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Un-Learning University is a space to discuss and speculate about the future of Universities and to renegotiate their role in the imagination of alternative forms of knowledge production, governance and citizenship.

Studio Leaders : Jorge Valiente Oriol + Maribel Cano Dominguez
Towards the Design of Contemporary Libraries
86533_Design Studio : Industry
The library as a building typology has a history spanning millennia in time. Over centuries, it was defined by the design of its interior: beginning as a simple room for storing written scrolls, it later became a place to study books. This simple space would later turn into a central reading room. Later, the appearance of libraries in the urban realm as buildings in their own right is closely connected to their being made accessible to the broader public. For centuries, libraries were only accessible to those who could read and write.

Studio Leader : Eduard Fernàndez
The Concourse
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Why is it that images of transport infrastructure don't come to mind when we think about great design? As our most frequented, but least inhabited public space, the station concourse is the first and last experience we have of an urban area - a traditional atrium but at the scale of a city.

Studio Leader : Shane Marshall
Sydney Central Justice
86533_Design Studio : Industry
This project consolidates a number of aged justice facilities in and around Sydney. In recent times, society is becoming increasingly engaged and critical in its relationship with those that govern. Like all aspects of society and government, there is change in the air and people want more accountability and transparency in many aspects of the social processes.

Studio Leader : Kevin Bradley
Immigration Archive Museum
86533_Design Studio : Industry

Australia is a country, from its most recent inception, of immigrants. Sydney is historically the epicentre of this immigration. This studio seeks to design an archive of immigration history, that works towards the preservation and understanding of the diverse cultures of Sydney - through the stories of its individuals. Information is gathered from the public, as opposed to traditional avenues (government, university, historians), then stored, curated and represented.

Studio Leaders: Michelle Vassiliou + Michael Stewart
Children’s Outpatient Department
86533_Design Studio : Industry
Health care facilities are one of the major civic infrastructures of our cities. For years, these highly specialised spaces designed to assist in the delivery of treatments to patients have solely been clinically focused in their planning. There is the opportunity for these civic buildings to contribute to the urban environment and provide spaces not only for treatment but also wellness.

Studio Leader: Michael Ford
Impact! From Bauhaus to IKEA
International Conference partnered by the School of Design, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab and the Goethe Institute // 30 September – 2 October 2019, Sydney, Australia //
One hundred years after its founding in Weimar, this conference traces facets of the transnational
impact of the Bauhaus on the history of the future of design. As a workshop of modernity and a
laboratory of the future, the Bauhaus changed everyday life through design: from single objects to
buildings and cities. The Bauhaus set into motion a democratisation of design that is reflected
today in all aspects of the objects we use and the spaces we live in. Impact! From Bauhaus to
IKEA examines historical and contemporary design theories, philosophies and practices of making
into the future.
15th February 2019 11am – 6.30pm. School of Architecture 6th Floor, Room D612 Royal College of Art Kensington Gore London SW7 2EU
An examination of the relationship between image projection, architectural models and image recording technologies.
Featuring: Adrian Lahoud, Beth Hughes, Kamil Dalkir, David Burns, Mark Campbell, Clara Kraft, Lawrence Wallen, Marco Galofaro, Vincent de Rijk, Frans Parthesius, Steve Salembier and Charlotte Bouckaert (Atelier Bildraum), Marco Ferrari (Folder)
XXII La Triennale di Milano “BrokenNature: Design Takes on Human Survival”
1st March to 1st September 2019
UTS DAB Lecturers Amaia Sánchez-Velasco, Gonzalo Valiente, Jorge Valiente and Miguel Rodríguez-Casellas present the Australian Pavilion titled "Teatro Della Terra Alienata"
Australia Eastern Indonesia Tourism Forum 2019
Australian Consulate-General in Makassar, 4-5 March
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Campbell Drake invited to moderate session on Sustainable Tourism Infrastructure.
2019 Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) : Atmospheric Lighting Design
Deriving inspiration from our intuitive experience of the visual world through light, this program is dedicated to improving understanding and appreciation of atmospheres, through the design of visual elements; space, material and light. 
88622 : Global Studio Sulawesi, Indonesia, DEC 2019
A study of Sustainable Tourism
This global studio is focused on strategies for sustainable tourism development in eastern Indonesia.
88621 : Global Studio Colombia _ DEC 2019
Bogota: The Public Interior ?
In Bogota, the interior is not an individual experience confined to the domestic. Rather, the interior functions at the scale of the city and in multiple forms.
Approximate Travel Dates: Dec 2-13, 2019
86025_Interior Elements and Construction I
Int Arch. AUTUMN Elective 2019
An interdisciplinary elective designed for students who are interested in developing their detail, documentation and 1:1 model building skills by working on a real life project.
Graduation Exhibition 2018
As a part of the UTS DAB Graduation Exhibition : Future Histories 2018
Student Reviews: The Spectacle Society
3rd Year Major Project
With: Christina Deluchi, Eduard Fernandez, Andrew Le, Felix Law, Kate Campbell, Nick Souksamrane, Brooke Jackson, Carla Matias and Alena Minaeva.
AILA National Awards
Interpretive Wonderings awarded 2018 AILA National Award
IntArch Senior Lecturer Campbell Drake, was one of the collaborators on the Interpretive Wonderings project, awarded 2018 AILA National Award for Research, Policy, and Communication.
84000 Objects as Systems for Living
Industrial Design Special Project
In the framework of the newly formed IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab, we are offering an IKEA sponsored elective on objects as future systems for living to both Product Design and Interior Architecture students.
88841 : IKEA x UTS Global Studio
Global Studio: Product Design A
UTS recently commenced a collaborative research project with IKEA and formed the IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab. As part of this collaboration we are offering a global studio titled IKEA x UTS Global Studio, during which we will visit IKEA HQ in Älmhult, Sweden as well as the SPACE10 Future Living Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark.
86023 Light, New Materials and Space
IntArch 2019 Autumn Elective
In this elective students explore the effects that spatial and elemental
forms, lighting, colour and materials can have on the experience and
interpretation of space.
‘on atmosphere and emotive design’
86190 Special Industry Project 1 _ FEB 2019 Elective
In the framework of the newly formed IKEA x UTS future living lab, we are offering an IKEA sponsored intensive elective on atmosphere and emotive design to interior architecture and product design students.
25 February to 8 March 2019
Friday 19th of October, 6 pm
A shy attempt to take the academic conversation out from the spatial and normative limits of the institution.
A very UTS non-UTS event at Brainwave
The Beauty of Urban Decay
Wed 22 August 2018 6-8pm
Interior Architecture Lecturer Gonzalo Valiente invited for panel discussion on the spatial politics of Urban Decay.
Advanced CAD
88620_Advanced CAD Intensive
Feb 2019 elective_Tutor: Matt Clarke
86044_Rhino 1 Elective
Feb 2019 elective_Tutor: Nikola Kovac
The Model as Performance: Staging Space in Theatre and Architecture
National Theatre London _ Tuesday 20th November, 6pm
A talk with Thea Brejzek, Professor for Spatial Theory at the University of Technology (Sydney) exploring her research and new publication The Model as Performance (co-authored with Lawrence Wallen).
ADR18: Annual Design Research Exhibition
University of Sydney Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning in association with the Tin Sheds Gallery on 27-28 September 2018.
DAB Lecturers Jorge Valiente Oriol, Gonzalo Valiente, Amaia Sanchez-Velasco, Miguel Rodriguez Casellas and Leandro Cappetto exhibition proposal selected for ADR 2018.

86005 – Design Studio: Inhabitations
Studio Leaders: Luke Tipene, Leanne Noh, Alicia Albiston, Hannah Clifton, Vina Purwantoro, Mariah Drakoulis, Jess Freeman.
ADR18: Annual Design Research Exhibition
University of Sydney Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning in association with the Tin Sheds Gallery on 27-28 September 2018.
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Dr Campbell Drakes exhibition proposal selected for ADR 18 Annual Design Research Conference at the University of Sydney.
Reframing the Vernacular: Politics, Semiotics and Representation
International Conference on Cultural Communications and Space (ICCCS), 28-29 November 2018, Denpasar, Bali
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Dr Campbell Drake to present paper titled 'Cultural burning and the interstices of two vernacular cultural forms'
ADR18: Annual Design Research Conference
University of Sydney 27-28 September 2018
Interior Architecture lecturers Campbell Drake, Christina Deluchi, Jorge Valiente and Gonzalo Valiente selected to present at the Annual Design Research Conference at the University of Sydney
Urban Decay: Sydney miniatures: Joshua Smith
Australian Design Centre, 2 August – 26 September 2018
Interior Architecture lecturers Christina Deluchi and Luke Tipene invited to attend exhibition design workshop with the Australian Design Centre
PLDC Professional Lighting Design Convention 2018
Singapore, 25-27th October
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer: Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas selected to present paper titled 'A Fine Dining Experience (The Art of Consulting as a Designer)'
International Association of Museum Facility Administrators (IAMFA) 2018 Annual Conference
Los Angeles 24-27 September
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas selected to present paper titled 'New Horizons in Museum Lighting'
Death! A Spectacle 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Felix Saw and Andrew Le
The Site: Hyde Park Barracks
21st Century Social Club 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Christina Deluchi
The Site; The Readers Digest Building Surry Hills
Hotel / Motel 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Brooke Jackson
The Site; David Jones Elizabeth Street
The Bordello 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leader; Eduard Fernàndez
The Site; Cockatoo Island
MONKEYSHINES No.3 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Alena Minaeva and Carla Matias
The Site; The Cleland Bond Building (33 Playfair St, The Rocks NSW 2000)
Learning, A Spectator Sport 86223 SPR Major Project
Studio Leaders; Kate Campbell and Nicholas Souksamrane
The Site; The Metro and The Roosevelt, Kings Cross
Who speaks for the river
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leaders: Luke Wolstencroft & Delia Ngay
Studio Tutor: Mariah Drakoulis
Site: The Darling River (Between Bourke and Walgett)
Program: Landscape Parliament / Festival Site
Cultural Conflux: the junction of two rivers
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Campbell Drake
Studio Tutor: Lenny Gash
Site: Walgett
Program: Affordable Housing for Young Aboriginal People
Going to the Ball
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Mike Day & Emrah Baki Ulas
Site: Murrin Bridge / Lake Cargelligo
Program: community centre, light and projection installation
Doing Time : Redefining the meaning of a prison
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Kevin Bradley & Kiran Kashyap
Site: John Morony Correctional Complex
Program: Segregation cells, family visits centre, living quarters, ‘community’ garden
The Caged Trees of the Central West
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Mat Gallois
Site: Dubbo / Wellington NSW, Central NSW
Program: site specific, culturally appropriate, alternative design solutions
86530 SPR 2018 Spatial Agency
Studio Leader: Michael Ford
Site: The Eveleigh Railway Yards
Program: Co-working spaces, art studios, galleries and community spaces.
Tom Dixon X IKEA X UTS
Workshop 30 and 31 May 2018
Launch 31 May M2 Gallery
86872 Berlin Global Studio July 2018
what futures ?
July 2-13, 2018
Prof Thea Brejzek/Prof Christof Meyer
Pelusillas (Merino Chairs) by GRANDEZA exhibited at WORKSHOPPED 18
Industry preview night on Thursday 21 June, 6 - 8pm, followed by an official Launch on Friday 22 June, 6 - 8pm.
Three chairs escape the flock to join the exhibition, at the Australian Design Centre
88623 Global Studio: Christchurch, New Zealand
15th-22nd October 2018
Global Studio_NZ looks at ideas of event, installation and spatial design as a means of reimagining social participation in the post-earthquake city of Christchurch, New Zealand
86023_Light, Materials and Form
Int Arch Lighting Elective Spring 2018
A subject in partnership with the Sydney Fringe Festival to create immersive installations in their performance venues
National Indigenous NAIDOC Art Fair
30th June & 1st July 2018 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal
Interior Architecture program and Future Method Studio co-designing an exhibition design strategy for the National Indigenous NAIDOC Art Fair.
88424 Rhino 3D
IntArch Elective July 2018
A subject covering curve to NURBS based modelling techniques using Rhinoceros 3D
86133 – Interior Elements and Construction 2
IntArch Elective Spring 2018
An interdisciplinary elective designed for students who are interested in developing their detail, documentation and 1:1 model building skills.
Interior Architecture Design Studio Pin Up
6 - 8 PM 22 JUNE 2018
Third Year Industry
Second Year Performative Spaces
First Year Foundations in Spatial Language
First, Second and Third Year Context
IASTE 2018: The Politics of Tradition
October 4-7, 2018 | Coimbra, Portugal
INTArch Senior Lecturer Campbell Drake to present paper titled 'Cultural Burning and the ongoing impact of colonialism in Australia'
Interior Architecture Honours Students in Hong Kong
A study of the socio-spatial consequences high-density urbanism
Flores Friendly workshop in Labuan Bajo, Flores
Interior Architecture Senior Lecturer Campbell Drake participated in the Flores Friendly workshop in Labuan Bajo, April 2018
88626 ADV CAD 2 JULY
Exploring the fundamental principles of BIM using ARCHICAD through the digital recreation of classic works of architecture.

Studio Leader _ Matt Clarke _ Matthew.Clarke@uts.edu.au
86529: Performative Spaces: Castles in the Air
Studio Leader: Campbell Drake
86529: Performative Spaces: Miss Julie
“And now my mother gets her revenge - through me”

Studio Leader: Dr. Russell Rodrigo
86529: Performative Spaces : Medea
Studio Leader: Michael Scott-Mitchell
86529: Performative Spaces: The Master Builder
A scenographic design studio in 3 acts.
“Don’t you agree with me, Hilda, that there exist special, chosen people who have been endowed with the power and faculty if desiring a thing, craving for a thing, willing a thing so persistently and so inexorably that at last it has to happen? Don’t you believe that?“ (Henrik Ibsen)

Studio leader: Juan Pablo Gomez
86529: Performative Spaces: The Wild Duck
'So time has come to a standstill in there - in the wild duck's domain.' (Henrik Ibsen)

Studio Leader: Christina Deluchi
86529: Performative Spaces: Hedda Gabbler
"My intention in giving it this name was to indicate that Hedda as a personality is to be regarded rather as her father's daughter than her husband's wife". (Henrik Ibsen, 1890)

Studio Leader: Jorge Valiente
UTS Student Responses: Susannah Place Creative Hub Design Project
UTS Interior Architecture students Tara Blackmore, Audrey Abbott and Jeremy Medlock, present their design projects to historians, curators and staff of Sydney Living Museums at the Caroline Simpson Library
UTS Interior Architecture creative hub design for Susannah Place Museum
First-year UTS Interior Architecture students worked with Sydney Living Museums to design a new creative hub in The Rocks, Sydney.
86871 Professional Practice
Autumn 2018 Iteration - Photography of Interior Architecture
This new elective subject introduces photography's role in the practice of interior architecture.
86025 Interior Elements and Design Detail
AUT Semester 2018
This elective is designed for students who are interested in developing their detail, documentation and 1:1 model building skills by working on a real life project.
Times: Mondays 9am-12pm
Lecturer : Monika Proepper
88016_JUL Global Studio Indonesia: Lombok Mandalika
A study of sustainable tourism
Dates: June 26 - July 9th 2018
Studio Leader: Campbell Drake
The outcome of fieldwork conducted in Lombok is the familiarization of sustainable strategies for tourism development and experience working in a design research capacity in remote and environmentally sensitive locations.
86190: Special Project
What’s Missing in the Mall?
This studio elective introduces students to the wider conceptual framework of exhibition/event/spatial design as
intervention and prompt for social activation within the niche typology of the retail shopping centre.